Stock searching in day trading

Stock searching in day trading

In day trading on USA equities you need stocks with volatility. You can’t earn in stocks, that don’t move! For that reason, experienced traders trade stocks in play. Stocks in play – stocks with news, unusual volume and moves more than average true range.Next question is, how to find those active stocks. In trading platforms there are filters that shows you most gainers/losers stocks on the market.

There are few problems in such method:

  • Filter shows maximum 10-50 stocks
  • You need to click on every ticker, then wait 1-2 seconds for chart loading (it is really boring)
  • You see tickers after moves

What do we recommend:
Click on our screener with such parameters:,sh_price:o20,ta_change:u2,sh_curvol:o300&rand=1492102956963&f2=3&f1=15#screener_body


  • Stock searching is better to start at 10.00 EST
  • Change + 2 % or – 2%
  • Price over $20 (if you trade penny stocks, then under $20)
  • Current Volume 300k

At 10.30 add 100K volume, then at 11.00 add more 100k. After 11.00, add 100k every hour. So after 12.00 your Current Volume should be more than 600k
Use this scenario and you will see all activity on the market.
(for more understanding, watch this video